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 UK Street Cars - Modified & Performance Car Club

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UK Street Cars

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PostSubject: UK Street Cars - Modified & Performance Car Club   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:01 am

UK Street Cars

Please visit our online forum where we have over 4000 registered members and 45 different forums with loads of different topics inside! Show & event info, members cars, car chat, general chat plus loads loads more! We also have regional forums for all over the UK which have loads of different info about shows, events, cruises, etc, so why not register and come see what's happening in your area.

Everyone is welcome on UK Street Cars. Members are not required to have a modified car, a performance car, or even own a car at all, some of our members don't even drive! We only ask that our members are interested in modified cars, performance cars or cars in general and are willing to be active on the forum.

Our aim is to have a car club community for our members to show off their cars and meet like minded people.

We have loads of different social events ranging from photoshoots, pub meets, camping, convoys, etc, so why not register and come along?

UK Street Cars also have a car club stand at most of the shows across the UK, so if you fancy coming along with us, register on the forum and get your name down on the lists! When its available, we camp at the shows, as this adds that extra bit of fun! Lol

Check out the past show & event pictures to see the previous shows we have been to.

So check out the forum now by clicking the link below!

UK Street Cars - Modified & Performance Car Club
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UK Street Cars - Modified & Performance Car Club
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