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 Minutes from the last meeting

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PostSubject: Minutes from the last meeting   Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:04 am

minutes: 22nd August 2010

Members Present:

  1. Rupert
    Gladstone (Chairman)

  2. Maz
    Stone (Treasurer)

  3. James
    Rowbotham (British Armed Forces Rep)

  4. Matt
    Deane (Event Officer)

  5. Dave
    Rolph (Hinchingbrooke House Liaison Officer)

Committee Members Un-attending:

  1. John
    Molda (Webmaster) Away on Holiday in Spain.

  2. Kevin
    Sutterby (Vice-Chairman) Fallen ill so unable to make.

  3. Pamela
    Sutterby (Voice of Children on forum) No transport as dad is ill.

Guests Present:

  1. Christine

  2. Sammie

  3. Aaron

  4. Darren

  5. Samantha

Of Topics Discussed:

  1. Accounts
    regarding previous event at Skylarks.

  2. Votes
    made for a new committee, reshuffle. (People being invited to be on
    future committee and told all outline responsibilities and duties
    involved with new positions).

  3. Issues
    and problems which occurred from the last event.

  4. Positive
    outcomes from the last event.

  5. Future
    committee expectations and general information.

  6. Future
    club goals.


committee member, by majority vote, expressed their wishes that,
Samantha Rowbotham, was to become Secretary and to be on the
committee for 'Wheels for Charity'.

duties that Samantha will undertake are at every meeting in the
future, minutes will be taken. This will improve and keep
communication ongoing and more professional. This aims to make
meetings easier to remember the points raised and future issues to be
addressed appropriately. Each committee member will be given a copy
of minutes and notes taken by Samantha by either email or posted on
the 'Wheels for Charity' forum.

Made For A New Committee, Reshuffle.

was decided by several members that a committee re-shuffle was needed
in order progress and continue with the positive outcomes of a future
‘Wheels for Charity’. The main reason were because:

felt with Kev’s progressive illness that it might be too much
for him to accomplish half of Rupert work-load as Vice Chairman. Matt
was a problem retrieving on the phone and lacked sometimes with
communication. Pamela was having limited contact too. Rupert
desperately needs someone to take the pressure off press contacts.
Several members expressed there wishes that Darren Cronin was to be
voted on the committee for a reward of his great helpfulness at the
last event.

some contemplation it was decided that the decision for new Vice
Chairman lied with either Matt Deane or Darren Cronin.

it was decided by majority vote that Darren Cronin was to become new
Vice Chairman. Darren’s duties would involve taking all
contacts from Rupert and helping him with half the workload.

was stay Event Officer but to work closely with Darren.

was also decided that Darren and Samantha were to be given all
details of everybody’s contacts. To make it easier for them to
communicate between all committee members and future correspondence.

Sutterby was to be voted as new Marquee Manager, duties included
within his new position will be as follows: Raffles, Sales of
merchandise, Information provider and cleanliness advisor within the
marquee and area of public image.

Rowbotham to come off committee as British Armed Forces
Representative when he leaves the RAF, will be discussed further at
next committee.

and Maz offered to talk to Pamela about recent performances and

Sub-committee was suggested for more promotion at other events.

members are as follows:

  1. Marc
    and Carol Greening

  2. Phil

  3. Tony

Outcomes From The Last Event:

  1. The
    failed auction at the last event is now being held again, with
    Harrison’s and press released worldwide in September. This
    should raise a substantial amount of lost charity money from the
    last event.

  2. We
    now have the full-backing, help and support from Mario and Lisa
    (from Big Brother) and they have even added some of our committee
    members on face book to stay in touch. They would also like to come
    to any further events held and Rupert also said that something
    extra may be ‘in the pipeline’ concerning Mario and
    Lisa’s future involvement.

  3. Positive
    comments and thanks were made to Rupert and other members of
    committee by the public. I.e. that people were saying to them that
    they really couldn’t believe that the celebrities stayed all
    the way to end of the event.

  4. Event
    will be taking place next year and Mario and Lisa are to be used as
    a stepping stone to other great people or things that are willing to
    promote us.

  5. Mark
    Greening donated ribbon for use on the last two events and also
    knows a useful contact where we can be supplied at a reasonable

  6. We,
    in total, on the 11/8/2010, rose a sum of £1999.88 with still
    a little more money to be counted and to come in from Paul
    Kettering’s ‘Bike ride’.


the meeting Maz Stone (Treasurer) relayed all information about the
current accounts and showed proof of receipts and account books from
the last two events. The amount shown within each account book was as

  1. £419.72 Help
    for Heroes

  2. £375.13 Forces
    Children Trust

  3. £130.75 Young
    Carers Project

  4. £0.00 Sue

equals a £925.60 total on 27/07/2010. This was a total from the
previous event for all four charities.

new total was achieved after the event at Skylarks on 11/08/2010.
This is as Follows:

  1. £1,494.00 Help
    for Heroes

  2. £375.13 Forces
    Children Trust

grand total of all funds raised up to the 11/08/2010 is £1999.88.

Stone also went on to explain future club funds issues:

biggest concern is that the previous events have exhausted all our
club funds. New ideas were expressed in order to resolve this

receipts were shown for recent transactions which used all of our
club funds. These included :

Office receipt for the £1.15 charge paid for by Maz Stone, for
shipping the £200.00 cheque sent to Denny Wise for Help for

van that was hired for the previous event was £120.00 for 3
days from Hilton Hire, Receipt shown to all committee members. This
amount Maz Stone explained was halved between Rupert Gladstone and
James Rowbotham.

and Lisa’s train ticket receipt was seen by all committee
members. The £82.00 fee was split again between Maz Stone and
Dave Rolph.

Stone went on to say the last remnants on club funds where used to
buy ribbons and flags for the previous events totalling £35.00
this was seen as a waste as people did not attend the events. However
these were explained to be reusable for future events.

decision was made that James Rowbotham and Maz Stone were to debit
all monies into the clubs charity account.

two donation pots, from the last event need to be counted and banked.

separate account for club funds was agreed to be opened. At present,
donations and club funds are together in one account. Under Brian
Wallis’s advice committee agreed surplus club funds at the end
of the year will be transferred into the charity account.

And Problems Which Occurred From Last Event

the previous event in Skylarks, Rupert Gladstone (Chairman) explained
there were many complications and problems which took place.

we have been banned from using Skylarks ground in future by events
manager Paul Salter. As a result the Marham Group have pulled out of
the next event held in Sepetember, named ‘The Country Show.

there has been no advertisement of our achievements, from Paul
Salter’s (Events Manager, Skylarks Event) part and they have
threatened to file a liability suit against us. Paul Salter and his
wife take no responsibility for the complaints made from different
attendees and workers. These complaints were that they were taking
money from different customers and making out cheques to Mr P Salter
himself, instead of putting the correct amount of money into the
sealed ‘Wheels for Charity‘ containers.

Paul Salter was responsible for this action taken against us and we
are awaiting 5 main statements of the customers that attended to
clear our name with Brian Wallis (Marham Group Chairman).

statements will be sent as soon as they are received. Three
statements have been obtained already from various people. We hope
that these statements will bring a positive outcome on to the clubs
future reputation.

Stone (Treasurer) of the committee then went on to explain her
concerns from the last event.

her opinion, Three weeks prior to the event, herself and Rupert
Gladstone did all the planning and arranging without most committee
members help. Also she said that although she bought ribbons, flags
and other amenities from club funds , unfortunately committee members
did not attend which meant without the support she felt this money
was wasted but the products will be reused at future events.

Rupert expressed that the amount of litter around the marquee was
also voiced as a problem and clearly unacceptable.

Rolph (Hinchingbrooke House Liaison Officer) mentioned how he was
un-happy with James Rowbotham and Sammie Patterson canoodling in the
marquee. In his opinion this should not take place and that we should
all consult, act and communicate appropriately as part of a
professional team.

then went on to explain about how he would like the public image to
be cleaner and more appropriate, I.e. No littering around the
marquee, Uniform should be mandatory, when supplied, to a committee
member. (as he noticed some members were out of uniform) so his
concern was that no-body would know who to speak to if they had any
concerns or questions and finally how he would like to see club
colours introduced as a constant reminder of who we are.
Co-ordinating ribbons, banners and uniforms, he mentioned would
project a better pubic image of ourselves and what we are about.

Club Goals

  1. Our
    ‘Wheels For Charity’ forum needs to become more active
    amongst committee members and public.

  2. In
    general ‘Wheels for Charity’ committee members are to
    work on promoting us on what qualities we already have; 1. We are
    different from most charities 2. We donate 100% of fundraised money.

  3. At
    the next event, we as a team need to pull together and work the

  4. No
    littering around the marquee at future events.

  5. Public
    image needs to improve. I.e. Uniforms are mandatory (If you own a
    logo t-shirt wear it). Any person who has forgotten uniform can be
    provided with a temporary t-shirt for any event.

  6. Sashes
    or badges are to be produced for Samantha and Jennifer Jones, our
    two promotion girls, to wear with a company logo.

  7. More
    ideas are needed to raise club funds.

  8. More
    communication, effort and planning is needed from each committee

  9. We
    are unable to use Skylarks Showground again. so we need to seek out
    new venues and generally help Rupert arrange these.

  10. Darren,
    as new Vice Chairman, is to look into future, walkie talkies,
    sponsors and maybe even our own van and generator.

  11. Future
    club events need better planning and dedication from everyone as a
    team. Share workloads equally to achieve better work and more

  12. More
    donations and sponsors are needed.

  13. If
    committee members have a idea, don’t wait for authority, act
    on the idea as soon as possible.

  14. All
    committee members with online access are expected to share and
    promote the following link:
    " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.virgingiving.com/wheelsforcharity">´éč [url=http://www.virgingiving.com/wheelsforcharity/U/SPAN/FONT/FONT/FONT/AFONT]www.virgingiving.com/wheelsforcharity
    . This can be shared on any social networking site including

  15. Cheques
    that are wrote from accounts, to recent charities, are to be put
    online ,as verification of sending by Maz Stone and Rupert

  16. Also
    committee members need to make sure they are available to help with
    counting and any other account issue that is asked of them.

  17. Two
    remaining pots from the previous event ,still need to be counted.

  18. A
    separate account for club funds is to be opened. At present
    donations and club funds are together in one account.

  19. Under
    Brian Wallis’s advice committee agreed surplus club funds at
    the end of the year will be transferred into the charity account.

  20. Committee
    members are to meet up again at Hinchingbrooke House regularly and
    consistently every month. (When Hinchingbrook House is no longer
    available for future meets, committee members need to arrange a new
    venue so that these meetings can take place).

  21. Gala
    Tent promotion code (5% for charity and 5% customer discount when
    used) is to be promoted more.

  22. Committee
    members pictures to be put on the club forum to explain who is who.
    (Suggested by Dave).

  23. Matt
    Deane to collect £2.00 per committee member at all meetings to
    go into future club funds.

  24. Rupert
    Gladstone’s business cards design are awaiting Mario and
    Lisa’s consent to use their photo on the reverse side. Matt
    and Darren to arrange funds for Rupert’s future business

  25. Every
    committee member to link together on face book and promote ‘Wheels
    for charity’ and sponsors.

  26. It
    is the responsibility of all committee members to sell more
    wristbands for Help for Heroes, in order to boost the grand total of
    money raised for wristbands before the 18th September.
    (Rupert to sort out separate amounts of wristbands for every member
    to sell).

  27. £150.00
    is still needed to be collected to cover the value of the plaque
    given to Mario and Lisa. The following old committee members need to
    pay £22.00 each: Dave, Kev, Matt, Rupert, Maz and John all
    this money will go to Forces Children’s Trust.

  28. Darren
    to arrange modification of banner. Using a contact Craig James who
    is good at graphic designs.

  29. Dave
    and Darren to obtain two t-shirts with club logo and wear them at
    all events.

Committee Expectations and Information

applied to Yorkshire Bank for a charitable donation as they offer
£1,000.00 grants unfortunately this application was too late
for this years grant but Rupert will re-apply as soon as a venue is
arranged for next years event.

Deane suggested car-booting to raise club funds. As we have problems
with sufficient funds.

Rolph would like ‘Wheels for Charity ‘ to team with
Hinchingbrooke Sixth Form to help with their Malawi Fundraising in
thanks for use of the Hinchingbrooke grounds. Rupert suggested a car
light show.

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PostSubject: Re: Minutes from the last meeting   Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:57 am

the meets has not got on here mate right mate

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PostSubject: Re: Minutes from the last meeting   Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:59 am

No no NO! thats rubbish look at my poor format ruined! LOL I hope you can sort it out using my email John. Maybe to look like the original?

This isn't that understandable. cry



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PostSubject: Re: Minutes from the last meeting   

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Minutes from the last meeting
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